Our mission at MedArt is to serve the forgotten through music and medicine.

Every other year, we organize a fellowship concert to celebrate our community of volunteers and supporters. This is also an opportunity for us to raise awareness and understanding for MedArt’s work, and to raise funds for our China Orphan Outreach medical projects.

Our Charity Concert this year is titled: “Voices For The Forgotten”. Through our musical program, we hope to share with you special stories of some of the orphan children and prisoners we have had the honor to serve.

Details of the concert:
Date:    Sunday, 12 November, 2017
Time:    7:30pm

Venue:  The Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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About MedArt

Formed in 2003 by a group of caring doctors and musicians, MedArt strives to
give hope, connect people, and celebrate community.

By reaching out through “Music” and “Medicine”, MedArt brings care and comfort to the underprivileged who are forgotten by society. 

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Letters of encouragement

A message from John Tsang

MedArt serves the Forgotten. Quietly. Effectively. Lovingly. No banners. No loud hailers. No fireworks. The dedicated volunteers of this noble organisation do not seek praise, honour nor glorification. They derive their joy and satisfaction by extending their helping hands, through their expertise, devotion and heart, to heal the body and soul of many in need.

In the lonely, solitary and hopeless shelters of the needy where only darkness and negativity prevail, these generous MedArt people courageously break open the walls of desolation and desperation, bringing in a glimmer of light to give encouragement to those suffering in difficult situations an offering of a new life.

Hong Kong has often been portrayed as a cold, selfish and mercantilist type of city. That is the typical, simplistic but cynical label that we do not deserve. Behind such a facade, there exists a powerful and vibrant source of positive energy that is capable of accumulating hope to build a nurturing and caring community that serves also those who would otherwise be forgotten.

I remember distinctly a MedArt volunteer said in last year’s Annual Dinner that helping one person will not change the entire world, but it will certainly change the world for this one person. So true and so important. If we can take care of the concerns of individuals and minority groups, we shall no doubt be able to accommodate the needs of the entire community.

So let us continue to make those little differences and overturn the attitude and biases of the people towards the forgotten in our society.

John C. Tsang

A message from sand painter Ma Wing Cheung

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