The lovely boy in the cover photo is Ryker. The name Ryker was given to him after his adoption in June 2017. Archie was his name before his adoption, and Archie has a special place in the heart all MedArt family members. Archie grew up at New Hope Foundation, one of the more blessed orphanages in China. He had a stormy course growing up, where he had to endure repeated surgeries for his birth defects. This photo was taken during one of his major surgeries which was performed in Hong Kong in 2014. The smile on his face worth all the effort MedArt had made, that was why we chose this photo for our charity concert.

“You won’t know who I am… but the lovely boy on your charity concert page!?! I’m his Mama!!! We adopted this special boy and brought him home two months ago!!” A Facebook message brought tears of joy. As much as we would love Archie to stay with us forever, everyone was thrilled to know that he now has have a family. No one would have imagined this was the way we reconnected with Archie and his new family. “Archie, is now named Ryker… He now has a mommy, daddy, two big brothers and a little sister. Thank you so much for all of the work you and your team do…” This is a perfect answer to all our prayers.


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