Ma Wing Cheung, Sand Painter

Ma Wing Cheung – a sand painter and Pastor care of Art; graduated from the Alliance Bible Seminary, he was employed at The Church of Christ in China – The Convenant Church and served at the ART@LDC project by the Society of Boys’ Centres. A self-taught sand painter since 2010, Ma has taken part in numerous creations and performances, including the first Sand Painting Performance by the Disabled Association (ADAHK) – “Affection of the Seasons”, the outdoor performance at the Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals organised by LCSD, the 10th anniversary production “Goddess” with the established Hong Kong theatre group “ONE/EIGHT”, and the sand art character in “The Curious Incident of A Little Girl” created in collaboration with Threewoods Playwright. A distinguished piece he created with the Hong Kong Fringe Club under the theme “Sandvolution” received enthusiastic response. In recent years, Ma actively performs and conducted workshops for different levels of talents at various organizations, NGOs, venues and festivities.