MedArt Orchestra

MedArt Orchestra was established in 2008, consisting of a mix of professional musicians and amateurs who identify with the mission of MedArt and play for the forgotten people. The orchestra is made up of a mix of professional musicians from orchestras in Hong Kong, music teachers and medical personnel that have served in the China Orphan Outreach programme. All of the members, who perform pro bono, have set aside time in their usual routines to attend a week of intensive rehearsals prior to the concert. This year, around 80 musicians in the orchestra and some 20 brass players will perform.
Previous MedArt charity concerts have been described as “heartwarming”, “inspiring” and “memorable”. It also has been a rare opportunity as it brings together top musicians locally and overseas to work together for one single cause – to remember the forgotten.
“The cause prompted among the players a gravity that produced an earnest music-making effort rarely felt in a paid concert…[Musicians] tackled the long work with focus and depth, overcoming technical challenges through a conviction that they were helping society’s forgotten.” – South China Morning Post, 2015